October 11-13: Sassee Cassee

“The Smallest Entertainer in the World”

This little Feature Entertainer packs a powerful punch and proves that good things do come in small packages! Sassee Cassee is a unique and entertaining novelty act that has been packing clubs with record numbers of people. She’s not only the smallest entertainer in the world, but she’s also very entertaining! Her pole tricks have been photographed, written about, and talked about literally all over the world! Jerry Springer had her on his show 15 times! That’s got to be a record, not to mention how it’s helped make Sassee a household name.


  • Jerry Springer (15 times)
  • The Maury Povich Show
  • The John Welsh Show
  • Numerous radio interviews
  • Spotlighted in Pole Dancing magazines worldwide

Numerous YouTube Videos

  • Sometimes listed under “Sassy Cassy” or “Sassie Cassie”, and of course “Sassee Cassee”

Sassee Cassee: Proving that…

  • “Once You Go Small, You Never Go Tall!”
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